Prof.Ute Rademacher, About me, COLIBRI Research

Research since more than 20 years

As postdoctoral business psychologist, I have conducted research in consumer behaviour for more than 20 years. On topics ranging from automobiles to zinc supplements. In markets from Copenhagen to Cape Town. Having acquired vast expertise in qualitative-psychological research at Research International (today: Kantar Group) in Germany and South Africa, I was head of Ipsos Qualitative Germany. I am proud that our tool “Concept Contest” was awarded “Tool of the Year” by the German Market and Social Research Association. It has unleashed the potential of co-creation and translated it into the customer-oriented development of verbal and product concepts at an early stage.

Prof.Ute Rademacher, About me, COLIBRI Research

International expertise

Founding COLIBRI Research (2007) allowed me to marry my passion for brands and for engaging directly with consumers using interactive research methods. I combine my consumer psychology know-how and my longstanding expertise with my competencies as moderator and design thinking coach: When markets and consumers’ mindsets change, methods to investigate them have to change too.

I have acquired my broad expertise in international projects in various business fields dealing with fast moving consumer goods as well as B2B research: automotive, consumer electronics, cosmetics, ecommerce and online market places, energy, fashion, financial and insurance products, food and beverages, health, personal and household hygiene, power tools, medical technology, pharmaceutical products, IT and telecommunication, logistics and tourism. As Professor for Business Psychology, I am happy to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of marketers and market researchers in my lectures at a University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

We don’t do standard solutions

In my role as the COLIBRI Research Chief Empathy Officer, I create individual project teams consisting of select qualitative experts in order to team up the brightest brains for the specific research question. All our cooperation partners like research studios, recruiters and interpreters are specialised in qualitative market research. We don’t do standard solutions. Our proposals, methods and processes individually match your specific research and development needs.

COLIBRI Research

Prof. Ute Rademacher