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Sustainability for Growth

There is no way around sustainability if you want to compete successfully in the future. Sustainable brands have the potential for growth when offering attractive solutions to their customers. However, sustainable products that make a brand’s purpose tangible often raise questions or even scepticism. How is this supposed to work? Is it authentic or just another case of greenwashing? People are multifaceted and often contradictory: they do not always act rationally and often differently than their values might suggest. Additionally, due to digitisation, they have become more connected, better informed, and more demanding.

How can successful ‘green marketing’ be achieved? Our tools help you to better understand your target audiences and reveal what is important to them – economically, environmentally, and socially. We analyse the motivation and the psychological barriers in connection with sustainable decisions. We assist you in integrating these insights into your marketing strategy and developing suitable measures to promote sustainability.

Colibri-Research-Customer Centricity, Colibri Research, COLIBRI Research
Colibri-Research-Customer Centricity, Colibri Research, COLIBRI Research

Sustainable Consumption Patterns

What does sustainability mean in your product category? What are customers’ expectations regarding sustainable or ‘green’ products? To what extent are they willing to compromise, and where do they set clear boundaries? We develop an image of your target groups’ identity by individual personas. Personas make your customers’ characteristics, needs and preferences tangible for marketing, sales, and communication purposes. Our approach is based on in-depth qualitative consumer research, consistently linked to your sustainability strategy. We ensure transparency applying agile methods and conducting creative workshops.

Colibri-Research-Customer Centricity, Colibri Research, COLIBRI Research

Strategic Brand Management

Strong brands are intangible value creators for your company and serve as a compass on the path to sustainable business practices. Benefit from our strategic expertise and proven tools to develop a robust brand framework for your strategic brand management. We analyse the perception and attitudes of your target audiences. We provide you with strategic recommendations that inspire the design of your sustainability-oriented brand. In close collaboration with you, your team, your partners, and your customers.

Colibri-Research-Customer Centricity, Colibri Research, COLIBRI Research

Innovation & Communication

Everything revolves around sustainability nowadays, but unfortunately some promises are empty words. Many consumers have already had disappointing experiences with greenwashing and, as a result, are sceptical about sustainability claims. Could it be more beneficial for companies to do good without making a big fuss about it? Our answer is a clear no. However, we know that the path to compelling products and credible sustainability messages can sometimes be challenging.

We understand the opportunities and risks of sustainability marketing and are here to help clear the obstacles along the way. Using methods of design thinking, we analyse and optimise the potential of sustainable product innovations. We provide research-based insights on how to communicate their strengths and benefits in clear, engaging, and credible words and visuals.

Colibri-Research-Customer Centricity, Colibri Research, COLIBRI Research

Ute Rademacher

Chief Environmental Officer (CEO)

As professor of business psychology and experienced marketing consultant, I have been utilising psychological research methods for over two decades to investigate consumers behaviour. On topics ranging from automobiles to zinc supplements. In markets from Copenhagen to Cape Town. My expertise in consumer and advertising psychology is aligned with my specialisation in sustainability management. My passion is to encourage businesses to adopt sustainable practices and to inspire them through under-the-skin marketing insights.




Colibri-Research-Customer Centricity, Colibri Research, COLIBRI Research

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