Put your customers at the heart of your business

Rediscover your target groups

Your brands and products can only be successful if they offer solutions for the needs of your customers. People do not always act rationally and often unlike what you would expect from their attitudes. In addition, digitisation creates intensive connections between people, the result being that today’s consumers and customers are informed faster, are better educated and more demanding. Gain a thorough understanding of what your target groups expect, how they gather information and make decisions. See your offer through the eyes of your customers to discover what improvements are necessary and to set the right course for product development and marketing.

Persona Development

Put a face to your target groups and bring them to life with personas. Clear with the help of insights resulting from qualitative consumer research. Consistent thanks to the alignment with your marketing strategy. Creative by applying agile methods and conducting creative workshops.

Strategic Brand Management

Strong brands are intangible value creators that enrich your organisation. Benefit from tailor-made studies and workshops to develop a profound and solid brand model to guide your strategic brand management.

Innovation & Communication

Make use of your profound consumer understanding and find the right words and codes for your communication. Engage in co-creation workshops together with your customers to generate ideas with potential, going as far as co-creating prototypes of innovative products and services.

About me

As trained business psychologist and expert for qualitative market research I investigate consumer behaviour since more than 20 years. On topics ranging from automobiles to zinc supplements. From Copenhagen to Cape Town. I combine my consumer psychology know how and my longstanding expertise with my competencies as moderator and design thinking coach.




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